Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wrist Distaff

Okay, today I decided that I *had* to have a wrist distaff. Even though there was an article in the latest issue of SpinOff and a pattern in A Handspindle Treasury, I saw a bunch of blogs referred to making this one Urban Spinner's Wrist Distaff and I had to have one. One of the cool sites I stumbled on to was W o o l f l o w e r s. The problem with Google and blogs is that I can waste so much time! :-)

Right after dinner I pulled out some of the brown variegated hand-dyed wool I had spun and a palette of faux pearls and made this.

I decided on the faux pearls because they are plastic and very light weight. I think I might make this again, but next time I will use fewer strands and prettier beads. But it will be hard to resist loading it up until it is too heavy to be comfortable.

And now for something completely different....

A few weeks ago when I first discovered handspindles, I thought I would make my own, so I bought some toy wheels and dowels on eBay. Several of the wheels I bought were spoked models, but I had problems with each of them. It looked great, even after I went at it with my Dremel, right up to the moment I cracked the dowel which was already glued in place. That was when I first saw the Sleeping Beauty at SimpleMarketFarms and decided to buy one. I really like Jeanne's spindles...they look wonderful, spin well, and are reasonably priced. Besides, what was I going to do with this?


At 2:24 PM, LadyV said...

How's your distaff working out? I have thought about making one but I usually just wrap a length of fiber around my wrist. This looks like a good project for using up the bead stash and yarn samples.

Did you ever use your handmade spindle?

At 7:23 PM, Rissa said...

I like it. I used it last night and today. I was wrapping around my wrist also, but periodically my roving would get caught in the spun I decided I *had* to do something. LOL I have another one planned already. I never used the spindle, because the shaft broke when I was putting in the cup hook. LOL Woe is me. :-)


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