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I have stitched nearly all of my life and tried my hand at many forms of needle work, from embroidery to crochet.  I have mastered many techniques and skills over the years.  I create my own designs, teach and write about needlework.  My interests are varied and I have written resource guides on a number of techniques: Blackwork, Crewel, Punch Needle, Redwork, Shadow Work, Stumpwork, Tassel-making, Biscornu Basics, etc.  While I don't consider myself the ultimate expert in any of these areas, I have done a lot of reading and research and thought I would organize and make the information available to others.   I eagerly consume as much information on needlework techniques as possible, which is evident by my extensive personal library.  I hope to be able to create more resource guides in time. 

I struggled with the semantics of whether I wanted to be called a craftsman, artisan or artist.  I tend to refer to myself as a fiber artist, but since I was an exhibiting member of the Craftsman's Guild of Mississippi, craftsman works too. I am a Life Member of the Embroiderers' Guild of America (EGA). Several years ago I joined the staff of the reconstituted, the first online magazine by crazy quilters for crazy quilters, and became Assistant Editor.  In 2008, I took over as Editor and Publisher when Nora became ill.  I am sad to say the magazine has been retired as of 2013..

One of the most time consuming features of this web site is the stitch dictionary, which I hope will continue to grow and be useful.  One of the things that sets it apart, is that I have included many diagrams for adding beads to traditional stitches, as well as those specifically for bead embroidery techniques.  I will also offer a selection of seam treatments diagrams.

Photos and scans of some of my work available on this site in my gallery.  I wish I had better documented my work over my lifetime, but I have improved over last few years, although some things seem to slip through the cracks.  There is a substantial and diverse range of items in the gallery, which makes it a very large page that make take a long time to load over a slow connection.

There are also a few free patterns and line drawings available here.  This is an area I hope to expand.  

Please feel free to contact me regarding reprint rights on any of my articles, web guides, pattern or stitch diagrams.  I am an avid supporter of EGA and other nonprofit embroidery, sewing and quilting groups.   I frequently give my permission for reprints, but I always require that a copy of the newsletter with the article, diagram or announcement for the class which will utilize the educational materials be mailed to me hard copy for me records and that full credit be given to this website. 

I am also available for teaching and lectures, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding class proposals!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Rissa Peace

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The fine print:

This site is intended to be an educational site to share my passions. The images and ideas herein are my sole intellectual property, unless other wise noted, and I reserve and retain all rights. Linking to this site is perfectly acceptable, but reproducing any of the contents electronically or in print, without my express permission, is not.  


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